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This activity involves a detailed planning of the project and analysing its prospects. It results in the design of a business blueprint that covers all the minute aspects of client requirement. Multiple steps like selection of the right modules and software packages, project planning, GAP analysis, etc. are included in this crucial phase. These steps will eliminate any discrepancies from the scope of the project. The design model should justify your business requirements, and the Control ERP team ensures the same at every stage of the project.

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In the development phase of the project, the skilled team of developers commences its work based on proven methodologies and sophisticated resources. Activities like procedure development, customization of application software, etc. are undertaken by the team. Also, a dedicated QA team works on the testing of the product modules. They test every code that has been written to build the modules, and ensure that they are free of any bugs. The advantage is that you save on the maintenance costs in the future.


Accessible on all your devices

The Sybel ERP team regularly conducts training programmes to familiarize the client staff with the functionalities of the brand new ERP product. It includes one-on-one and on-site meetings throughout the product development life cycle. Also, live support is available for communication with the experts, in case of any technical queries. Furthermore, the training manuals and sessions are tailored according to the type of deployment model used for your business. Ultimately, it is the sharp skills of your employees that will carve the success of your organisation.

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Backed by an amazing support team

Sybel ERP offers a reliable support system encompassing all aspects of product architecture. And the support continues beyond the product development cycle. With their unmatched expertise, the developers are always by the client’s side for resolving any issues that might go unnoticed otherwise. Also, the team ensures that all of your crucial data and systems are backed up on a secure server. The transition phase is a difficult one and we make it a smooth ride for your organization.

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Seamless access to any of the modules across all web browsers. A web-responsive UI/UX will make resource planning an extremely smooth activity for you. Moreover, Control ERP is a mobile responsive platform and can be accessed on the go. Thus, your work schedule remains unaffected.

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