What's new in Sybel

Sybel's accounting Software

   User perspective

  • Accounting software installed on central www server can be accessed by any number of users around the world, or access can be limited to intranet or even only local users.
  • Application is usable with any www browser. No additional software have to be installed on client side.
  • User interface works in two modes: full featured light Ajax mode and fallback mode. Full mode use JavaScript code to make the interface user friendly and boost effectiveness of data entry. If browser with disabled JavaScript support is used to access application, the user interface switches automatically to fallback mode. In this mode all basic application functionality is still available, although data entry is slower.
  • Theme system based on CSS enables user interface adjustments to special needs like using on PDA or cell phones with embedded browser.

   Developer perspective

  • Application is written in PHP language with use of MySQL database engine.
  • Clean separation of database access and business logic from user interface routines.
  • Separated ui framework and code reuse ensure consistency of modules and easy development of extensions.
  • Basic program functionality can be extended when needed with external modules and language hooks.
  • gettextized interface provides easy language updates for new application versions.


Our Accounting package has modular architecture. Base modules provides basic functionality common for most companies. Any special features can be added with additional modules and extensions.


  • Sales on orders and direct sales
  • Multiple sales deliveries for one sales order
  • Sales invoices for single deliveries or batch invoicing
  • Templates for subsequent deliveries and/or invoices
  • Recurrent invoices for single customer or customer groups
  • Cash sale or delayed payment
  • POS definitions with different sales types, cash accounts and printers
  • Use of supplier/alias item codes (EAN/UPC)
  • Sales kits expandable to individual items during document entry.
  • Customer deposits registration
  • Allocation of customer deposits and credit notes to invoices
  • TDifferent price lists (sales types) with optional automatic price calculations
  • Salesman provisions
  • Various sales reports


  • Purchase orders
  • Multiple Goods Received Notes against one purchase order
  • Supplier invoices for single GRN or multiple deliveries
  • Supplier credit notes
  • Supplier payments
  • Allocation of payments to invoices and credit notes

   Items & Inventory

  • Unlimited number of inventory locations
  • Support for purchased, manufactured and service (non-material) items
  • Item identification by EAN/UPC
  • Sales kit definitions
  • Reorder levels and inventory status control
  • Average cost automatic update
  • Automatic update of item purchase data from GRN and supplier invoice.


  • Simple (one step) and complex production
  • Multiple work centres

   Banking and General Ledger

  • Full multicurrency support
  • Any number of GL accounts and bank accounts
  • Journal and Budget entry and Flexible tax system suitable for most local fiscal rules. Supports various tax types for any customer/supplier/inventory item
  • Quick Entries (preset GL postings) for easy entry of often used accounting events.
  • Payments, deposits and fund transfers
  • Exchange rates database with automatic update from ECB
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Tax inquiry and reports and Cheque payments (add. module)
  • Trial balance

   Miscellaneous features

  • Support for multi-branch customers
  • Use of network printer, printing by browser or local printer on client side box.
  • Print profiles enable document printing on different destination printers.
  • QReport destinations PDF/Printers and XLS formats for MS Excel and Openoffice Calc.
  • Low software requirements: MySQL 3.1, PHP 4.3 or 5
  • High scalability - from one PC box installations up to multibranch companies spread over the world.
  • User friendly installation wizard
  • Different user interface themes
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